DRS All Stars Selected From Mudcats

By PLB Admin

The Dakota Rice Scott League and Classic Cannon Valley League will face off
in their 2nd Annual All Star Game & Homerun Derby on Friday July 2nd at
Dundas with festivities commencing at 7PM. 

The players were selected by the Managers of the 2003 Divisional Champions from Elko (Terry Fredrickson), Union Hill (Sean O'Neill) and Veseli (Chris Hertaus).  Fredrickson will serve as Head Coach while O'Neill and Hertaus will assist. 

The Mudcats submitted a list of 6 nominees who were: Infielder Dusty Olynyk .422 BA 19/45, .490 OB% 19 RBI with a .600 SLG %, LHP Ryan White 4-2, 35 innings pitched, 1.03 ERA, RHP Jake Schmidt 2-1 2 saves, 31 Innings pitched .087 ERA, Outfielder Kyle Johnson .393 BA 24/61, .477 OB%, 12 runs scored, Leftfielder and 2003 All Star Ben Schmidt .265 BA 13/49, .492 OB% , 13 runs scored, Greg Faue .205 BA 9/44, .441 OB%, 10 runs scored, 7 RBI. 

The Managers met to get a team that they felt could answer last seasons 2003 DRS loss by a 7-3 score and chose Olynyk, White and Johnson to represent the
Mudcats in the 2004 contest.  The 'Cats were awarded 3 All Stars based on
last years 11-7 league record.  The lone 2003 Mudcat representative was Ben
Schmidt.  If any cannot participate an additional Mudcat will be selected.

For more information on the 2004 DRS vs. CCVL All Star Game check out