Prior Lake Legion/Jr. Legion Baseball

Minnesota American Legion Baseball

Program Coordinator
Taylor Smith
Sr. Legion Head Coach
Takuma Padilla
Sr. Legion Asst. Coach
Taylor Smith
Tier 1A Head Coach
Nate Sickmann
Tier 1A Asst. Coach
Jonny Houston

Updated: 5/12/22

2022 Prior Lake Legion Program Rosters are now posted below. These rosters were formed after extensive coaching staff discussions over the past few days to best place players on a team that fits their skill level and where they will get opportunities to best showcase their abilities and succeed on the field.

Prior Lake Senior Legion Roster:

  1. Nick Allbee, 2022
  2. Ben Anderson, 2022
  3. Jaxson Barrett, 2024
  4. Lance Behrens, 2022
  5. Henry Brandt, 2022
  6. Charlie Bredeson, 2022
  7. Jack Burley, 2022
  8. Cole Clausen, 2022
  9. PJ Dahl, 2022
  10. David Flasher, 2022
  11. Ross Hebel, 2022
  12. Jager Leverson, 2022
  13. Trevor Mong, 2023
  14. Charles Running, 2022
  15. Noah Slates, 2023
  16. Dylan Sullivan, 2023

Prior Lake Tier 1A Roster:

  1. Marcus Adam, 2023
  2. Lou Brandt, 2024
  3. Grant Brening, 2023
  4. Wesley Cain, 2024
  5. Brody Fumanti, 2024
  6. Ben Geil, 2024
  7. Dominik Giancarlo, 2024
  8. Ryan Glynn, 2023
  9. Jason Green, 2024
  10. JJ Jerdee, 2024
  11. Mitchel Lubansky, 2023
  12. Logan Nathan, 2024
  13. Caden Quinn, 2024
  14. Andrew Schaaf, 2023
  15. Gregory Schonhoff, 2024
  16. Brody Stephany, 2024

If you have questions or concerns regarding rosters please contact the respective head coaches: Takuma Padilla (Legion Head Coach) at and Nate Sickmann (Tier 1A Head Coach) at .

Second, schedules for both teams are now finalized and can be seen below. Tier 1A will have their first team practice shortly following the competition of the high school regular season. Tier 1A’s first game will be roughly June 2. Legion will have their first practice after PLHS varsity’s playoff run ends. Legion’s first game will tentatively be June 13 (if Varsity is still playing at that time, games would be rescheduled). For both teams, coaches will have a team meeting to go over the team and expectations at the first practice. Coaches will reach out to you regarding that.

Please note, the Legion team will not begin practices or games until the PLHS Varsity season is over. Legion rostered players who are not on the PLHS Varsity playoff roster are invited to practice with the Tier 1A team until the PLHS Varsity season is over to stay in baseball shape.

2022 Prior Lake Legion Schedule

The Legion schedule features approximately 20-25 games with tournaments in Omaha (June 21-26) and the Gopher Classic (in PL July 10-12 and at Minnetonka July 12-13 if we advance). Both are top tournaments with the Gopher Classic being the biggest in the country with 96 teams from all over the country. PL is lucky to be one of 16 pool play host sites. Note: Legion players will be asked to help out with fieldwork, PA and concessions during Gopher Classic weekend. More details to come later. Playoffs begin the week of July 18 and players must be present at all playoff games to maintain their eligibility for future playoff games unless the absence is approved by the tournament director. This is a state legion rule, not a program rule. I don’t agree with the rule but it is not up to me.

2021 Prior Lake Tier 1A Schedule

The Tier 1A schedule is still a work in progress but will feature approximately 25 games against a mix of Junior Legion and Tier 1A teams.For those curious, we have made the decision to go Tier 1A instead of Junior Legion as it allows us to roster more current juniors (age limit) and gives us the flexibility to schedule games against both Junior Legion and Tier 1A teams, thus ensuring competition to fit their skill level and ideally playing other programs’ #2 team (like our Tier 1A team, for other programs that may be Junior Legion) as much as possible. The team will play in two tournaments, a wood bat tournament in Bloomington (June 10-12) and another tournament in New Ulm (June 24-26) both are high level Junior Legion tournaments we have played in in years past. Tier 1A playoffs are a state tournament at Eagan beginning July 28 and players must be present at all playoff games to maintain their eligibility for future playoff games unless the absence is approved by the tournament director. This is a state legion rule, not a program rule. I don’t agree with the rule but it is not up to me.

Thirdly, in order to officially register our teams and players for the season, all players need to fill out Form #2 prior to playing in a game. Form #2 is found at the following link: . We ask that all players print this form, fill it out and bring it to the first team meeting. Legion players should enter the team name as “Prior Lake Legion” and Tier 1A players should enter the team name as “Prior Lake Tier 1A”. IMPORTANT: Where it says “School enrollment (grades 10, 11, 12)” please enter “2109”. It IS NOT asking for your grade level.

Fourthly, we ask that along with Form #2, players bring their player fee to the first team practice/meeting. For the fee, please bring a check for $700 made out to “Prior Lake Legion Baseball” and give it to your respective head coach along with your Form #2 at the first team meeting or practice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding cost, please contact PLABA President Mike Keating at  . Mike has worked with families on cost in the past if money is a concern.

Lastly, if you have any administrative or program-wide general questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them or direct you to the appropriate person.

Hope to see you all at the ballpark soon!

Go Lakers!

Updated: 3/25/22

All current sophomore, junior and senior baseball players and families,

Below is the Prior Lake Summer Baseball Questionnaire and Legion Registration Form. All current sophomores, juniors and seniors (Classes of 2022, 2023 and 2024) are asked to fill out the questionnaire, even if they don’t plan on playing Legion baseball in Prior Lake in 2022.

Please complete this form by the end of the day Friday February 18. UPDATE 3/25/22: Those who just completed PLHS tryouts and did not respond by the February date but would like to try out for Legion can do so now.

Please fill out the form completely as this information will be used to help get a feel for the number of players for summer 2022. The Legion Registration form will get you added to the tryout list.

Note: Current 9th graders traditionally play P.L.A.Y. if they want to play in Prior Lake in Summer 2022.

Program Overview: Prior Lake Legion Baseball (summer baseball) is a community-based program, available to all Prior Lake-Savage district residents. As of this moment, we are planning on fielding two teams for Summer 2022: a Senior Legion team, which we simply refer to as “Legion”, traditionally made up of primarily current juniors and seniors playing at a Varsity competition level and a Junior Legion team, traditionally made up of primarily current sophomores playing at a 10th grade competition level. There is also the possibility of being double-rostered, meaning the player would be eligible to play for both teams, as needed throughout the season, depending on the number of players available for a particular game or tournament. We may explore the possibility of having a third team at the Tier 1A level (JV-competition level) or having a Tier 1A instead of a Junior Legion depending the number of players and age/skill of players who tryout. These teams will be selected after a single day tryout on May 1st. Playing high school baseball in the spring is not a requirement for participation. Players need to choose between legion baseball or club baseball during the summer, they cannot do both. This decision was made a number of years ago after we had players missing games to go to club tournaments and pitchers unavailable to pitch because they had previously pitched for their club teams.

As a PL Grad and resident myself, I believe there is truly something special about putting on the PL with the same people you grew up playing with and the Legion program is a way we hope to continue that from the spring into the summer. We are trying to help players grow and improve on the field to win games, succeed in tournaments, go to state etc. but also build relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Legion season is a chance to play the game you love alongside the players you grew up playing with, an opportunity to build on the spring season you had and/or work toward the next season, refining your skills and perhaps learning new ones.

Takuma Padilla (PLHS 10th grade coach) will be the Senior Legion (“Legion”) Head Coach and Nate Sickmann (PLHS 9th grade coach) will be the Junior Legion Head Coach.

Schedules are still being finalized but the tentative plan is for both teams to play approximately 20-25 regular season games, including 2 tournaments. The majority of regular season games will be played Monday thru Thursday with the exception of the tournaments. Substate playoffs will follow the completion of the regular season with the possibility of further playoffs if we would win the Substate. Please note that the schedules are subject to change depending on the status of the high school season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Senior Legion games will not begin until the PLHS Varsity season ends. Junior Legion games will not begin until the PLHS lower level (JV, 10th grade, etc.) seasons end.

Senior Legion games will tentatively start June 13 and Junior Legion games will tentatively start May 31.

The scheduled tournaments for the teams are as follows:

Senior Legion:

June 21-27 Omaha CWS Tournament
*We are excited to share that the Senior Legion team will be heading to Omaha to play in a tournament during the College World Series June 21-27! The festivities start with a showcase hosted by PBR Nebraska on June 21 at 5pm at Creighton Prep High School followed by six games between June 22-26. The tourney expanded from eight to 32 teams in 2022 and includes top-tier programs from around the country. Millard South High School will be our pool play site. Please note that the cost of this trip is not included in the player fee. Players and family will be responsible for their own travel, hotel, etc. We will also be off the prior weekend for those who may wish to travel to Omaha sooner (though please note that the prior weekend is when the high school state tourney is held). We hope to attend a CWS game or minor league baseball game as a team during our time in Omaha, which we will explore further after schedules are finalized. Players and families will have time on their own when we are not playing to attend additional games if they so choose. Coaches WILL NOT be chaperones on this trip. Players/Families are encouraged to book a hotel room ASAP at a price and location that fits best for them. Please note that the longer you wait to book a hotel room, the more expensive it will be as the CWS is a highly attended event. We would advise you to get a cancelable hotel room in case you do not go for a variety of reasons (COVID, do not make team, etc.). Note: Games could be held the evening of June 26 so we would suggest planning on staying until June 27 but that is up to you. Below is a link to a list of some available hotels near Millard South High School (our pool play site) and TD Ameritrade Park/Charles Schwab Field (home of the College World Series). Feel free to search for hotels on your own if you wish as well.
List of some available Omaha hotels:

July 8-12 Gopher Classic Tournament
*We host a Gopher Classic pool play in PL Friday thru Sunday with further rounds at various metro sites Monday and Tuesday (if we advance). The Gopher Classic is the biggest Legion tournament in the country, to my knowledge, with 96 teams, including many top-tier teams, coming from all over the country. We are lucky to be one of 16 pool play sites to showcase our park and our team to college and pro scouts as well as fans alike. In my opinion, the Gopher Classic is THE TOURNAMENT of the summer both from a team and individual player recruiting perspective.

Junior Legion:

June 10-12 Bloomington Wood Bat Tournament
*PL’s Tier 1A finished 2nd in the Senior version of this tournament in 2021. A top metro tournament at the Junior Legion level.

June 25-27 New Ulm Tournament
*Played at Johnson Park, Mueller Park, which were recently renovated for the town ball state tournament as well as surrounding communities. This tourney has expanded to host teams from NE, SD and WI.

Substate Playoffs are tentatively scheduled to be held for both teams the week of July 18. Playoffs could extend into August if we win the Substate and advance to further rounds (state, regionals (Legion only), nationals (legion only). Full schedules will be shared once they are finalized and/or after teams are selected.

Cost: The total player fee for Summer 2022 will be $700 (same as 2021), which will be collected in the form of a check after teams are selected, likely at the first team meeting/practice before the season starts in May or June. Please note that the player fee doesn’t include the cost of the Omaha trip for Senior Legion players. If the cost is an issue in your situation, please let us know and we will do our best to work with you.

Registration: The registration deadline is set for Friday February 18. To register, simply complete the “Legion Registration” part of this form and your name will be added to the tryout list.

Tryout date: Sunday May 1st @ Memorial Park in Prior Lake. Sophomores at 8am, juniors and seniors at 10am. The tryouts have traditionally lasted approximately two hours. Please let us know if you have a conflict and we will find you another time to tryout. The method of how players can learn whether or not they were selected for a team and/or what team they were placed on will be shared with players at tryouts.

NOTE: Seniors, there is a question regarding your interest playing town ball at the end of the questionnaire.

If you have any questions or concerns or it has passed February 18 and you are still interested in playing Legion baseball in summer 2022, please contact Taylor Smith at

Registration link:

6/13/227:00 PMHomeExcelsior #2Veterans Field at Memorial Park
6/15/227:00 PMAwayMankato National (West)Wolverton Field
6/16/227:00 PMHomeEden PrairieVeterans Field at Memorial Park
6/22/229:30 AMAwayOmaha CWS TournamentMillard South High School
6/23/2212:00 PMAwayOmaha CWS TournamentMillard South High School
6/23/222:30 PMAwayOmaha CWS TournamentMillard South High School
6/24/22TBDAwayOmaha CWS TournamentTBD
6/25/22TBDAwayOmaha CWS TournamentTBD
6/26/22TBDAwayOmaha CWS TournamentTBD
6/26/22TBDAwayOmaha CWS TournamentTBD
6/28/226:00 PMAwayShakopeeStemmer Field (Shakopee High School)
6/30/227:30 PMHomeChanhassenVeterans Field at Memorial Park
7/6/226:00 PMAwayEastviewEastview High School
7/8/224:30 PMHomeGopher Classic (vs. Hutchinson)Veterans Field at Memorial Park
7/8/227:00 PMHomeGopher Classic (vs. Rapid City, SD Post 320 Stars)Veterans Field at Memorial Park
7/9/229:00 AMHomeGopher Classic (vs. Middleton, WI)Veterans Field at Memorial Park
7/10/224:30 PMHomeGopher Classic (vs. Alexandria)Veterans Field at Memorial Park
7/10/227:00 PMHomeGopher Classic (vs. Chaska)Veterans Field at Memorial Park
7/11/229:00 AMHomeGopher Classic Sweet 16 (if advanced)Minnetonka High School
7/11/222:00 PMHomeGopher Classic Elite 8 (if advanced)Minnetonka High School
7/12/2211:30 AMHomeGopher Classic Final 4 (if advanced)Minnetonka High School
7/12/222:00 PMHomeGopher Classic Championship (if advanced)Minnetonka High School
7/12/228:00 PMAwayBloomington Gold (Kennedy)Dred Scott Field
7/14/227:00 PMHomeApple ValleyVeterans Field at Memorial Park
7/18/22TBDAwaySub-State 3 Playoffs (Play-In Game for 8 and 9 seeds)TBD
7/19/22TBDAwaySub-State 3 Playoffs (Double-elimination starts)Apple Valley Legion Field
7/20/22TBDAwaySub-State 3 PlayoffsApple Valley Legion Field
7/21/22TBDAwaySub-State 3 Playoffs - Rain DateApple Valley Legion Field
7/22/22TBDAwaySub-State 3 PlayoffsApple Valley Legion Field
7/23/22TBDAwaySub-State 3 PlayoffsApple Valley Legion Field
7/24/22TBDAwaySub-State 3 PlayoffsApple Valley Legion Field
7/28/22TBDHomeState Tournament (Format TBD)Veterans Field at Memorial Park
7/28/22TBDHomeState TournamentVeterans Field at Memorial Park
7/29/22TBDAwayState TournamentAlimagnet Park
7/30/22TBDAwayState TournamentAlimagnet Park
7/31/22TBDAwayState TournamentAlimagnet Park
8/3/22TBDAwayCentral Plains Regional (Format TBD)Fitzgerald Stadium (Rapid City, SD)
8/4/22TBDAwayCentral Plains RegionalFitzgerald Stadium (Rapid City, SD)
8/5/22TBDAwayCentral Plains RegionalFitzgerald Stadium (Rapid City, SD)
8/6/22TBDAwayCentral Plains RegionalFitzgerald Stadium (Rapid City, SD)
8/7/22TBDAwayCentral Plains RegionalFitzgerald Stadium (Rapid City, SD)
8/11/22TBDAwayLegion World Series Games begin (Format TBD)Keeter Stadium (Shelby, NC)
8/12/22TBDAwayLegion World SeriesKeeter Stadium (Shelby, NC)
8/13/22TBDAwayLegion World SeriesKeeter Stadium (Shelby, NC)
8/14/22TBDAwayLegion World SeriesKeeter Stadium (Shelby, NC)
8/15/22TBDAwayLegion World SeriesKeeter Stadium (Shelby, NC)
8/16/22TBDAwayLegion World SeriesKeeter Stadium (Shelby, NC)

6/2/227:00 PMAwayWaconiaLion's Field
6/6/225:30 PMAwayChaskaSunset Park
6/7/226:00 PMAwayShakopeeStemmer Field (Shakopee High School)
6/9/225:45 PMHomeLakeville SouthPonds 7
6/10/22TBDAwayBloomington TournamentRed Haddox Field
6/11/22TBDAwayBloomington TournamentRed Haddox Field
6/12/22TBDAwayBloomington TournamentRed Haddox Field
6/15/225:30 PMAwayBurnsvilleAlimagnet Park (Field #1)
6/16/225:30 PMAwayMankato EastWolverton Field
6/20/226:00 PMAwayNew PragueNew Prague Memorial Baseball Stadium
6/21/225:45 PMHomeChaskaPonds 7
6/23/227:00 PMHomeWaconiaVeterans Field at Memorial Park
6/24/22TBDAwayNew Ulm TournamentMueller Park
6/25/22TBDAwayNew Ulm TournamentSearles Park
6/26/22TBDAwayNew Ulm TournamentEssig Ball Park
6/29/225:45 PMHomeMankato EastPonds 7
6/30/225:00 PMHomeChanhassenVeterans Field at Memorial Park
7/6/227:00 PMAwayChanhassenChanhassen High School
7/11/227:00 PMHomeShakopeeVeterans Field at Memorial Park
7/12/226:00 PMAwayLakeville SouthLakeville South High School
7/14/225:45 PMHomeMankato West 15sPonds 7
7/18/22TBDAwaySub-State Playoffs (Play-In game - if seeded 8/9)TBD (High seed)
7/19/22TBDAwaySub-State Playoffs (Double-Elimination Starts)RHS Varsity Field (next to Schwarz Pond Park)
7/20/22TBDAwaySub-State PlayoffsRHS Varsity Field (next to Schwarz Pond Park)
7/21/22TBDAwaySub-State PlayoffsRHS Varsity Field (next to Schwarz Pond Park)
7/22/22TBDAwaySub-State PlayoffsRHS Varsity Field (next to Schwarz Pond Park)
7/23/22TBDAwaySub-State PlayoffsRHS Varsity Field (next to Schwarz Pond Park)
7/24/22TBDAwaySub-State PlayoffsRHS Varsity Field (next to Schwarz Pond Park)
7/27/22TBDAwayState Tournament (format TBD)Bloomington
7/28/22TBDAwayState TournamentBloomington
7/29/22TBDAwayState TournamentBloomington
7/30/22TBDAwayState TournamentBloomington
7/31/22TBDAwayState TournamentBloomington

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