PL 447 Tier 1A American Legion captures 2022 MN Championship

By Joseph Chapman

Congratulations to Coaches Nate Sickmann, Jonny Houston and players, family, and friends of Prior Lake American Legion Post 447 2022 Tier 1A State Champions.  The squad compiled a 21-9-1 record in ’22 culminating in a State Championship hosted at Goat Hill Park in Eagan. 

“Tier 1” Junior Wizards or “J Wiz” has a locked roster (cannot join Senior Legion in season) and is primarily an option used by larger school districts with a team partially replacing Jr American Legion with the capability of playing Senior American Legion teams (like Post 447 LakerLegion) during their season.  The team handle “J Wiz” is a throwback to the Post 447 Senior American Legion “Wizards” that had success and signifies much of the composition of the team age-wise.  PL could not field a Junior American Legion team in 2022 with a large number of “Club Baseball” players.  Director Taylor Smith of Post 447 and Coach Takuma Padilla were able to get out to support playoff games as the “Tier 1A” schedule has no National playoff structure allowing a longer season.  Good Luck to our players in the future, Thank You for representing PLABA and area baseball in 2022!