PLABA Sends 6 to DRS VS RVL All Star Game 7/11.

By PLB Admin

2008 DRS VS RVL League All Star Game to take place Friday July 11 with and 8:00PM start at Arlington Park(RVL) with Homerun Derby to take place at 730PM between the Leagues. Jays Rookie Tim Garceau will be an RVL rep in the HR Derby and leads the Jays with 5 clouts thus far in 2008. The PL Jays & Mudcats will send 3 representatives each with repeat selections Ben Schmidt (Mudcats) and Scott Geisler (Jays) leading the representatives from PLABAs Class C & B Town teams.  The DRS was victorious in Shakopee in last seasons affair 6-0 and also bagged the HR Derby.

PL Mudcats:

Noah Rezac 1B/OF, Greg Faue IF/C & Ben Schmidt LF

PL Jays:

Tim Garceau SS/P, Scott Geisler 1B, Tony Eicher LHP