Tournament Recap

By PLB Admin

St Louis Parks Chris Johnson drilled a 1st pitch fastball into the trees at Prior Lakes Veterans Field of Memorial Park for a walkoff homerun to take the 6-5 victory for long time tournament participant St Louis Park over the Minneapolis Lakers in the Tournament Championship.  The Lakers took runner up honors in their second year after going 0-2 in the 2005 Invitational.  The Hampton Cardinals captured the Consolation Champions trophy allowing the least runs and having the largest differential between runs allowed and scored at 11 Allowed and 25 Scored for + 14 in their 3 games.  Hampton was also runner up to Champion Green Isle in their 1st appearance in 2005. The PL Jays and Mudcats, Tourney hosts, squared for the 2nd straight year for Sunday action and had a clean, well played contest that saw Joe Loftus prevail on the hill for the Jays over Andy Hanson for the 'Cats in a PL pitchers dual.  Every participant team had a victory in the 6 team, 3 guaranteed game format.  Congratulations to the Prior Lake Jays Jesse Shidecker who prevailed in the Hoppe Bats Homerun Derby Saturday by sealing the victory in the finals with 2 metal bat clouts in the finals estimated at 350'+.  Thanks from the PLABA to: Hoppe Bats, City of Prior Lake Parks Maintenance Dept,  volunteers, teams and fans for another fantastic PL Hardball Invitational Tournament!      

Winning Team            Score   Losing Team
Prior Lake Mudcats      8-3     Rosemount Black Sox
St Louis Park           9-6     Prior Lake Jays

Winning Team            Score   Losing Team
Rosemount Black Sox     6-4     Minneapolis Lakers
St Louis Park           6-5     Hampton Cardinals
Minneapolis Lakers      14-2    Prior Lake Mudcats (5 innings)
Hampton Cardinals       8-3     Prior Lake Jays

POOL A  Runs Allowed/Scored Differential        Record
PL Mudcats              17/10           -7              1-1
Rosemount               12/9            -3              1-1
Mpls Lakers             8/18            +10             1-1

PL Jays                 17/9            -8              0-2
Hampton         9/13            +4              1-1
St Louis Park           11/15           +4              2-0

6/11 Championship Sunday
Winning Team            Score   Losing Team
PL Jays                 2-1     PL Mudcats
Consolation Champion
Hampton         12-2    Rosemount Black Sox (5 innings)
Champion                        Runner Up
St Louis Park           6-5     Mpls Lakers